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Saturday, 18th June 2022

Arrive at 19:00


Tuchwerk Soers

Strüverweg 116

52070 Aachen


Change of Plans

So, our original venue realised that they do not like to host fun events and we had to look for a new one. Unfortunately, this new venue is not quite as central as the old one, so we will endeavour to organise a mini shuttle service from around our recommended accommodation (the B&B Aachen City, see below). The location can also easily be reached by bus or cab though!

How to get there

There is no airport in Aachen, but Cologne and Düsseldorf are both served by international flights. The next larger international airports are situated in Frankfurt and Amsterdam. Trains to Aachen Hbf run from Cologne (c0:45min, 1 change), Düsseldorf (c1:45h, 1 change), Frankfurt (c2:00h, direct), Amsterdam (c3:50h, 2 changes).

For London travellers, the Eurostar offers a quick and comfortable ride straight from St. Pancras to Aachen Hbf in about 4:30h (1 change).

Where to stay

Given the change in venue we recommend the B&B Aachen City as first port of call. It's reasonably priced, centrally located, and on the side of town closer to the venue. The INNSiDE is around the corner if you prefer a more upmarket accommodation.


We will try and organise a shuttle from close to these hotels to the venue and back. Do not fret if you book(ed) another accommodation but still want to use the shuttle - more likely than not the shuttle stop will be in walking distance either way!

As a city with lots of tourism flow, Aachen offers a range of other accommodation options, from the fancy (Parkhotel Quellenhof), to the reasonable (ibis Aachen Marschiertor) and the good value (a&o Hostel Hauptbahnhof). A number of apartments are available via or airbnb.


Booking early is advised, as accommodation tends to fill up quickly at this time of the year, especially in light of the CHIO equestrian festival taking place the week following the event.


What to do

Aachen. The city of Charlemagne, hot springs, Printen, an internationally-acclaimed equestrian festival and, by some account, the highest bar density in the country. Spend your day strolling through the quaint old town and explore the most beautiful cathedral in Germany (nay, the world) before indulging at one of the many excellent local restaurants. Beverages are plentiful and exceptionally affordable. Pro tip: Follow up with a spa day to lose the hangover before dressing up for the CHIO to experience world-leading horse action. Early booking is strongly recommended.

Find our comprehensive guide on Aachen here! 

Photo by Niklas Birk

Frequently Asked Questions

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